Check Out Whether Your Motor Accident Claim Is Catastrophic Before You Proceed!

Motor Accident Claim

Accidents get the name itself because it occurs accidentally at a time when you least expect it. Still, accidents are a part of our lives and with the rise in traffic conditions and reckless drivers, the rate of motor vehicle accidents are going up. In case you had to face a motor accident and get admitted to the hospital, the first person you need to look for would be a good motor accident lawyer. In case you are planning to file a personal injury lawsuit for incurring the compensations for the accident, you should first make sure that the accident is “catastrophic” in nature or not. You could learn more about the legal implications related to accidents and also find lawyers online. The web page states that, consulting a doctor immediately after an accident is vital.

When you are involved in an accident and suffered serious injuries, the accident would certainly be catastrophic for you and your family. But, when it comes to the lawsuits, the word catastrophe has a different and clear cut meaning. The insurance coverage you would receive solely depends on how catastrophic your accident is. The accident benefits can be obtained regardless of who was at fault during the accident. But still, how catastrophic the accident was, determines the amount of compensation you receive.

Here are some points to check whether your accident was catastrophic:

Severe Injuries
If the accident left you with severe injuries that keep you bed ridden for a long duration, then the accident is surely catastrophic. An accident is termed catastrophic under the following conditions-

If an arm or leg had to be amputated or the arm or leg becomes permanently unusable
The eyesight is lost in both eyes
Severe brain damage that shows a score of 9 or less than that on the Glasgow coma scale or shows a score of 2 or 3 in the Glasgow outcome scale
The person as a whole is impaired by 55%
Severe impairment of the person due to behavioral or mental disorders occurred as a result of the accident.

Long Term Pain And Psychological Issues
Under certain circumstances, the long standing severe pain and psychological damages to the person also can be termed as catastrophic. There are defined conditions to determine the condition of pain or psychological impact to term it catastrophic.

The Accident Benefits Increase If Your Accident Is Proven Catastrophic
If your accident is proven to be catastrophic in front of the law, then all the other benefits you receive due to the accident also increases in value. The amount you receive as compensation thus increases. Medical and rehabilitation benefits and attendant care benefits of catastrophic patients are much more than usual ones. The period you receive the compensation amount for attendant benefits also increase in duration for catastrophic patients. The insurance will also provide funds for a case manager to provide you any goods and services you need due to the accident treatment if your accident is termed catastrophic.

Proof Of Medical Evidence Needed
You can’t simply apply for the catastrophic designation. You would have to provide the necessary medical evidence to prove that your claims are true. The patient will have to undergo certain medical assessment tests to get the medical evidence. Sometimes, the medical documents alone help to prove catastrophic condition. But most often, medical assessment is asked as proof.

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