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Why Is The Web Hosting Platform The Preferred Choice?

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There are many web hosting companies that are talked about on But without a doubt the most versatile and innovative of them all is BlueHost. The web hosting firm officially launched their platform in 2003; the very time internet was booming. This ensured that the web host service provider has an experience of a lifetime under their belt. For More Info on the difference between cloud hosting and shared hosting check this.

Since its inception, the web hosting company has kept abreast with technology. They have adapted to change and progressed as new technologies were invented. This has made their platform one of the most potent presence in the market. The servers they use and their architecture along with their hosting plans are unsurpassed. But the real reason the company has emerged as the preeminent firm is their readiness to let customers benefit from all the improvements in technology without needlessly increasing the charges.

Another reason BlueHost is the top choice for web hosting service is the different packages they offer. To more than two million satisfied customers all over the world, the firm provides the following types of web hosting:

• VPS Hosting
• Cloud Hosting
• Shared Hosting
• Dedicated Hosting
• WooCommerce Hosting
• Managed WordPress Hosting

All these packages are available at prices that are highly competitive, though it is to be noted that quoted cost of the plans does change regularly. With specials being offered on even the most basic hosting plan, BlueHost makes for the most economical choice. A charge that is not too high translated into skimpy quality. It is here that BlueHost sets itself apart. Even though it charges plans at par with other companies, its quality is far superior. Let’s take a look at the present pricing of all the packages offered to beginners in each hosting stated above.

• VPS Hosting is $19.99/Month
• Cloud Hosting is $6.95/Month
• Shared Hosting is $3.95/Month
• Dedicated Hosting is $79.99/Month
• WordPress Hosting is $19.99/Month
• WooCommerce Hosting is $12.95/Month

These prices for starter packages are most definitely the cheapest possible. There may be a few firms offering plans at a lesser charge, but their customer support and service will be nowhere near the number one choice. Known as the most reliable web hosting platform the site security BlueHost offers is matchless.

These are the few reasons the web hosting business has become the topmost in the field. Added to excellent service and economical fees is the free domain name they provide for new accounts. This free of charge domain is applicable for a whole year. It is these little things like zero fees for domain names for 12 months on signing up for any hosting plan that makes BlueHost the preferred option. It doesn’t matter if you pick the cheapest plan or the most expensive one they have got. A free domain name is offered to all along with an equal level of service and reliability.