The Myths And Facts About Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Many people get terrified when they hear the words “oral surgery.” This is because most people believe that oral surgeries are very painful and takes a long to recover. But the fact is that most oral surgeries are not carried out in a typical hospital setting. Neither does it involve any general anesthesia. You would be even surprised to know that many oral surgeries are performed in a general clinic setting and the patients are not put under stress or trauma. You can find out more details about the dental services by visiting the websites of dental clinics. You can find out more about how the government is trying to provide better dental care to the kids.

In this article, we will briefly discuss some of the standard oral surgery procedures.

Tooth Extractions

This is one of the most performed oral surgery procedures in all the dental clinics. Some of the reasons for conducting this surgery are:

· The partial eruption of wisdom teeth
· Tooth decay that cannot be repaired
· Root fracture
· Failure of the primary tooth to fall out, which prevents the eruption new tooth
· Orthodontic treatment that demands the removal of few or more teeth to minimize crowding to achieve ideal results

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Also called as Orthognathic surgery, is performed by a maxillofacial and oral surgeon performs corrective jaw surgery. Some of the primary reasons for doing jaw surgery include:

· Temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ) and dysfunction due to deformation or trauma
· A minor or major injury to the jaw
· Incorrect bite or malocclusion
· Grinding or clenching of the teeth
· Difficulties in eating, chewing, talking or closing and opening the mouth
· Improper jaw position that makes a face to look out-of-proportion

Your dentist will advise you to visit an oral surgeon if he or she thinks that your dental condition can be corrected through oral surgery.

Dental Implants

This is one of the popular options for replacing the missing teeth or to add stability to the existing or new denture. The procedure for fitting a dental implant varies based on the kind of implant being used, or by the technique utilized by the surgeon or dentist. Majority people, who had a dental implant, felt that recovery was more or less similar like that of tooth extraction, and they were able to get back to the normal life in less than a week.

Cancer Treatment

Oral cancer is one of the deadliest diseases, which rarely show visible symptoms during its earlier stage. The dentists are trained to detect the presence of oral cancer. If your dentist finds any abnormal or suspicious signs in your mouth, neck, face or jaw, he or she will recommend for a biopsy for further diagnosis. A biopsy is a surgical procedure, where a piece of tissues is removed from a specific area of the body that looks abnormal or suspicious.

In many cases, the biopsy is performed by the general dentist rather than an oral surgeon. Oral surgery is one of the best options for treating oral cancer.

Thanks to the advanced dental technologies, modern dentists can carry out various dental procedures without causing much pain and discomfort to the patients.

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